Writing experience on IPad

Last month I got my hands on an iPad. This device is amazingly wonderful. It opens up lot of possibilities on how we can consume & interact with information in a more natural way. Since then, I have been installing numerous application in order to be more organized. I would like to mention one app called “habit pro”. As we know habits are formed by repeated actions so in this app you can jot down things you would like to be part of your daily life. Later you mark whether you did them or not and also monitor your performance over time.

notebook vs ipad

I was also searching for a daily journal/diary kind app where I can do my everyday introspection & make a note of it (not just 4/5 lines of tweet kind messages). I have been using a conventional diary for about 11 years now. The problem is I have lot of them and lost few while shifting (our lives are so much mobile these days). So I was looking for an app which would translate the same experience for me. I found few on which you can either type of write with a stylus. I thought a stylus would be more natural transition. In search of it, I started behaving like a consumer. I read about different kinds on Amazon and watched a couple of videos on YouTube. Finally went to Fry’s yesterday evening to try them out. There were quite a few of them ranging from $6 to $39. They were good for some occasional marking or drawing but when I started writing, they couldn’t be compared to what it feels when we write with a pencil on paper.

First the iPad screen is smaller than a conventional A4 sheet & the writing resolution is much smaller resulting in ability to write only a few lines on one screen. On top you are writing on glass, so the feedback is poor and you might touch some part of the screen with your palm which would activate some other widget, which is annoying.

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