Living with Constant Noise

Noise is in the air and you cannot do much about it. I know this is the sad part but not any more. In this blog I will share a work around I found a month ago.

Here I will discuss interesting uses of earmuff. It is mainly used by workers in noisy environments. But for the past one month I have been using it for my every day use. I am almost addicted to it now. In the past i used to be woken up by barking dogs in the middle of the night. I could do nothing but press my pillow against my head & wait for the dog to get silent again. (dog belonged to my neighbor). If you live by a road side how can you avoid the honks & bombarding piston of lousy motorcycles. it’s almost inevitable. But not any more. whatsoever may be the source of sound this instrument takes care of it. For college going kids this can be an excellent companion.

earmuff uses

Read, meditate & leisure

But being made out of hard plastic it restricts your sleeping position. you can only lie on your back with these ear-muff on. If you can fund me we can research on making soft muffs which will be flexible & will give feel like no muff. I remember last Sunday night I was feeling little cold, it was all quite. For a moment i thought to take my ear-muff off but it was not long when I heard my roommate snorting to the loudest. But thankfully I had the solution. I remember someone saying ” you cannot change the world but yourself”.

Beside these if you are looking for a perfect noise cancellation head phones then you can make one out of these. Just put on your ipod ear phones & wrap them with this ear-muff. This all comes under 20$ price.

Disclaimer: I am not sure if constant usage of ear-muff can cause any long term injury. So please consult your physician before you using for daily use.