Can happiness be kept isolated?

500+ status updates on facebook in past 12 hours. A feeling of happiness & joy being spread across the world by Indians on their 2nd world cup win after 28 years. How can so many people in the world be tied by one string & a moment of pride can bring happiness on all faces? I am little fascinated by this thought right now.

Most of the time our lives are driven in search of happiness which we mostly get by personal accomplishments & related rewards. Some other times it is like the day today, when your community does something good. It is a reason to cherish for the whole community. Some rare occasions like first man “landing on the moon” was a reason for happiness for the whole mankind.

Now my question is, what really is happiness & what is the degree of happiness in various situations. How can happiness be quantified, is happiness a personal feeling or a group phenomenon. Also how long a happy moment lasts or does it really matter. Is happiness a personal phenomenon or has it something to do with a group.

Can a man live in isolation & be happy about it. However evolution wouldn’t have been possible had that been the case ? In the movie “Into the wild”, they say “happiness is real when shared”. Sometimes I correlate that with some of the personal experiences. I have been to hiking, both with friends & sometimes alone too. Hiking brings happiness to me. The happiness lies in the way my body goes utterly tired & I loose my ego, in addition it gives a feeling of personal accomplishment of having gone through a physical challenge. Now I get this condition satisfied in both the times when I hike with friends or without. But what is the difference of degree of happiness in the two cases. When I am alone after I come back home, I cannot talk about it to anyone, since no one would understand. Language cannot comprehend the full phenomenon to someone who has not witnessed the same.

However when it was done in a group, you just mention it & you share & sync with each other. There is a frequency match & it turns out into a bigger joy. A feeling of comradeship comes to you when you look into your friends eyes & how you all have been together during that event. Sometimes the same feeling is shared even with strangers. say you are running on the trail on Saturday morning. The sun is about to rise & you pass another runner on the same trail from opposite direction. You look into their eyes & greet them. A energy transfer happens at that time too & you feel good about it.

There is something subtle about humans & what brings happiness to them. It seems there is a mathematical equation which can clearly define this, just that there are too many variables to take into account & they may vary in degree depending on the persons past experiences.