Competition: a basic element of evolution

get-readyToday I could see a mass recruitment drive in our office. Our vehicle parking’s were blocked as it was to accommodate this lateral recruitment event. I could see people a lot of people participating in this process. My friend told me that they have been given 2PM slot which can give a clue on the number of people being called for the process.

On the contrary, people in the organization have not been given any hike this year. I am not saying it’s an obligation for the organization but what have been happening in the preceding years.

This displays a basic law of nature: competition. You need to compete to prove yourself. Competition is not something new but what is in our very basic existence. Our genes or blood cells keep on fighting against any virus or disease. We have been taught to compete since early days in life. Be it school examination or any sports event. There is no doubt that competition is a part of evolution which brings out the best of what is currently available. For instance take the case of natural selection which is solely based on competition.

As a head of an organization my basic rule would be to maximize my profits. This depends on various factors like getting new business deals; maximizing resource utilization, cost cutting etc. Improving on business deals & resource utilization is not part of the blog so I will directly jump on the third pointJ.

Cost cutting factor can include minimizing on the expenditure incurred in the cost of labors. If there is a dearth of labors in the market, you cannot do much here on the contrary you have do something to retain them. For this purpose you might give them annual increment, promotions or improve in work culture. But if you have plenty of labors in the market than your current market need, you can save a lot here. Choosing a line of business which does not need highly qualified work can help me reduce cost. The work is menial & I think anybody can do it with a training of 2-3 months then it’s an added advantage for me. I will have surplus labors available in the market. Now I can choose the best of them. First I will select the best in my organization & give them promotion so that I assure I have retained them. After that I can ignore the rest of as they are not much ambitious & will keep on working whatever I pay them. If seen psychologically there are very few who would go somewhere else as humans become lethargic & habituated to one work environment.

Hence competition is the heart of evolution. If you are a labor compete rather complaining about the process. As an organization head it helps to get profits better. Competition is a win-win for everyone. Recollecting what Darwin said in his theory of evolution, “only the fittest survives”.