Life lessons from cycling

Cycling is a wonderful exercise & experience in itself. There are many life lessons one can draw from cycling. Here are few I figured out.

a man on bike

1. Stop worrying about the goal: In life we often project ourselves in future depending on our ambitions or desires. So instead of living in present & enjoying it end up worrying about future. In cycling same rule applies. Once you decide a place to go you do not think much about it & focus on your path. You forget all statistics as the present becomes more eventful.

2. Be efficient: There is a lady in my office. Her work is impeccable. she is super efficient. I once asked her the secret behind doing every job with such an agility. She said “I believe in deadlines. I always choose them & then chase them”. That is it. While riding if you lull around for whole day, it will sap your energy. So pacing at around 15 – 25 KMph without a major break can help covering a good distance & reach home early. Then one can couch on a bean bag and feel the state of thoughtlessness.

3. Accept life as it comes – If things are pleasant we merry but if anything goes wrong we say “God! why did you do this to me?” We have different attitudes towards comforts & hardships. cycling teaches a great lesson here. Crossing a Ghat section makes one go through similar emotions. On downhill you feel like a king but on the reverse journey its like paying the price back. But cycling changes your attitude. You accept both the situations with equal zest. On downhill you feel the joy & thrill of speed. On the acclivity you challenge yourself with more enthusiasm.

4. No limits – I remember when i first started cycling. It was 15 KM ride in one stretch. I felt like reaching a new physical limit. Later travelling the same distance made me feel like there is more I can endure. It was 40 KM which gave me new heights. Now even 80 KM feels less. There is a lot more that I am capable off. It was just that i had incapacitated myself. So cycling teaches you to give up inhibitions & explore new horizons

5. Humility – After a long ride all your false ego drops down. A feeling comes where you feel yourself connected to the whole ecosystem. A feeling of brotherhood comes in. It is after that one starts respecting things & starts seeing value in everything.